About me

A transplant from Los Angeles, my faceted career there included years in show business production, music, television & film & then as manager of landscape & facilities for the City of West Hollywood.

Since 2005 my work in France has been in the property,  family management and hospitality sectors, working exclusively for discerning clients. Sometimes a job has been a one-off project, such as restoring a greenhouse & the gardens at a fabulous seaside estate in St Tropez, or for years, when I managed the properties in Paris for a beloved sports star.

Often, my clients become friends, staying in touch over the years.

My passions include great art & architecture, travel, Italy, Venice, London, fashion, shopping, good food, great French wine, cheap Italian wine, espresso & travel. Did I mention shopping? And history, archaeology, antiques, a bit of Pollock, a dash of Kandinsky, touch of Miro, and throw in a few of the great masters and some Calitrava. Maybe an old crumbling chateau and ancient castle walls. Red wine from Chinon, Rosé from Chateauvert, the champagne of my namesake and Venetian Pinot Grigio... opera in Verona, concerts in Vienna.

Words that are music to me ears? "That's just what I wanted!"

I've heard this a million times and it still sets my heart aflutter.

and importantly, Kevin

The ambassador of all he surveys, winner of every heart he meets, charmer of the masses, kid tested and family approved. He's with me for 10 years now, going wherever I go.