Holiday Rentals Services

With a notable list of clients & more than 10 years experience in the sector, you can be assured that my guest relations will garner appreciation & respect - and repeat & word of mouth visits. As the ultimate host, I welcome & treat your guests and you -- with 5 Star,  world class style, befitting the property & your way of life. 

Whether a small studio in the 7eme, or 5 bedrooms on Avenue Mozart in the 16eme, all my guests are treated with the best I have to offer.

Take the stress out of managing your holiday home and let us handle all the details. Get in touch today to learn more about how I can help.

Holiday Property in Paris & France, Technical Rental Management

From start to finish, I'll set up your internet presence for a modest flat rate, start to finish, organizing & managing the rental of your property. 

With years of internet tech & social media experience,  I'll manage photos, listing it online with well known international luxury offering agencies, as well as creating complimentary  online social media profiles, to get the most attention in the relevant sectors & demographics.

Housekeeping & Maintenance

I have an on-call of trusted 5 star cleaners with whom I've worked for years. Guests will be delighted, and whenever you come into town, it will be as if you'd never left.

My trusted, reliable & experienced network of tradespeople  are always available for any repairs & maintenance & I can often handle daily fixes & repairs myself.

Linens Management

Soft, fluffy towels, crisp, clean & soft sheets, soft pillows & luxurious comforters are the hallmarks of a great home. 

I'll manage the linen service & will provide your home with the best quality linens at the best possible price. Laundering services tailored to meet your needs.

Changeover Services

When you're ready to visit your property, whether for a day, a week or for months, I'll handle everything necessary to be sure your personal items are ready for you.
While you're away, your valued possessions will be safely secured away until your return.

When you return, it will be as if you'd never left.

Security & Monitoring

Using advancing technology, your property will be monitored 24/7 while ensuring your privacy.
From simple to complex, my simple systems keep your property safe & secure at all times.

Care of Fine Art, Furnishings & Antiques

With a lifetime of in-depth passion & respect for fine furnishings, curated art collections & antiques of the highest quality, your treasured possessions are cared for with the utmost appreciation, without exception.

Tariffs for Holiday Rentals Service

Costs vary depending on the offering & your needs.

Complete Set up, start to finish internet presence, including a simple, nice website, Facebook page with registration & links to respected international luxury rentals agencies, AirBnB, etc.

My honed expertise in the business of setting up SEO, keywords & back-end marketing tools so that people can find us & book your property, easily and without fuss.

Costs to you can be as low as €400 per month for 2 bedrooms property in Paris with flat rate changeover fees, charged back to the client.

Tariffs for Private Property Services

Costs vary, depending on the offering.  

If you need me to just step in and oversee your apartment, with service including picking up mail, receiving packages, weekly inspections & security monitoring, this can cost you just €100 per month. Extra services for cleaning & changeovers  can be as low as €50 per exchange.